About our log cabins


Our Log Cabins are well suited for construction in areas which are environmentally sensitive. The minimal need for use of  machinery, together with the use of natural materials and environmentally friendly treatment system, makes it a "green" product. The long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing structure and the exceptional insulation properties make these cabins ideal for providing tourist accommodation in protected nature areas.











Advantages of a vertical home


  1. Minimal machinery and equipment:
    The technique makes maximum use of the natural strength of the tree and requires a minimum in the way of machinery and heavy equipment on the job site. The simple tool chest includes a chain saw, a drawknife, a hatchet, chalk line and tape measure, a hammer, sledge and a pencil.
  2. Small log sizes:
    Except for beams and trusses, all logs are relatively short- 2,4m-3m. This significantly reduces the need for heavy machinery to move them. All logs are moved manually, the biggest of which requires four men.

  3. No need for uniform logs:
    The existing system of log building in this country is wholly dependant upon pre-dried, CCA impregnated and factory turned 10cm poles. Unlike the identical logs used by other log cabin manufacturers, our building method encourages the use of irregularly sized logs. The natural bumps and knots on the whole logs significantly enhance the authenticity of the log cabin.

  4. Use of green logs:
    Green logs are preferred for construction which eliminates the need for drying time. We can literally cut the tree, debark, groove, dip and build within the same hour. No drying time is required due to the environmentally friendly treatment method used for wood digesting insects, the performance of which is enhanced by the natural moisture level in the log.

  5. Logs shrink almost only in diameter: The length of the logs remains unaffected and therefore due to the placing of the logs in a vertical position, very little will occur. Cracking is kept to the minimum by the slow drying characteristics of the treatment system.
  6. Superior insulation:
    The thicker the log the higher its insulation value. Pine in particular has a very high insulation value, both against cold and heat. There is a common misconception that the heavier and denser the wood, the better its strength and insulation properties. This is not always true and it has been shown that  pine in whole log form, has more than ample strength for building purposes - a 200mm by 2'4m log standing vertically will carry about 20 tons!   All gaps are chinked with Chinking, a pliable rubberized cement, which allows the cabin to expand and contract without losing its sealing qualities.

  7. Revolutionary treatment:
    The treatment system for wood digesting insects (including borer) is unique in that it requires no pressure treatment. The product permeates the center of each log by means of the natural moisture in the log. This is why green logs are more effectively treated than dry logs. The transparent outer layer allows the log to dry very slowly thereby preventing major cracking and splitting. The product is applied by quick dipping  and is non-toxic to humans and animals.