School of log home building


  • Build the Log Cabin of your dreams from start to finish
  • No experience necessary
  • Use minimal machinery and equipment
  • Get detailed, hands-on instruction

The homes and cabins are built with freshly cut logs. Pine, Cypress, Poplar, Cedar, Fir, Spruce, etc. using mostly 8 foot (2.4m) lengths, with diameters ranging from(8 to 14 inches) 180 to 350mm. 

All logs are treated with non-toxic Boron, commonly used in foods and fertilizers. 

The whole building process can be done with a small chainsaw - a 36 to 55cc is ideal, an axe, tape measure, a chalk line, a spirit-level, a water-pipe level, a pencil. a spade and a drawknife, with the required ear and eye protection and safety pants - for a total cost of around $500 (R3,500). 

Former students are building homes from a low of $150 to $300 per square foot (R1000 to a high of R2,000 per square meter) - all inclusive (not including their own labour) depending on individual circumstances.


The Course


After introducing handcrafted log home building - specialising in Vertical log and French-Canadian Piece-en-Piece construction into South Africa in 1991, and a 12+ year stint teaching - 170 courses, about 1,500 students (and their 450+ log homes),  we're now specialising in world-wide, online teaching via Messenger Service - a new concept to  the world of log home building - all you need is the will to learn and access to the internet. 

We teach individuals or groups, to allow progress at your own pace - with continual interactive, real-time access to the instructor via Yahoo messenger, or Hotmail messenger - as well as over the free talk program. The textbook is sent via C.D. and photo's of the entire process are sent at the appropriate times via messenger.  

We have informal theory and assigned practical sessions, until you're ready to begin building for yourself - thereafter, the head instructor will be available in the same formats on request (included in the cost) as needed. 

You'd just need to sms, or email and we'd establish a time.

A whole group can learn at once - for a charge of U.S.$200 (Approx. R1,400 in S.A.) for the initial student and U.S.$50 (Approx. R350 in S.A.) per each additional participant.(email for your local international cost - dependant upon exchange rate)

Our online hand-crafted Log Home construction courses, suitable for the owner/builder offer:

Instruction to take you from the foundation and getting the logs, to a finished back-in-the-woods Log Cabin.
Traditional log-building using green logs, knots and all, small chain saws and hand tools. 
A problem-solving eHotline which will be available to you while building your cabin. On-site consulting can be provided in special cases. 
Specialized workshops can be arranged for different building phases and provision made to offer instruction to crew on site, with follow-up consulting where required. 

You will need:

  • A small chainsaw 50cc or less
  • A 5m tape measure (wide tape) 
  • A chalk line 
  • Ear muffs and visor 
  • Carpenter's pencil
  • Ability to read, write and speak English, or willingness to work through a free translator
  • Lots of patience
  • A sense of humour (optional)