How it all began


Bazley Beach on the Natal South Coast was the original site of the log home building school in 1995, and now in beautiful Wilderness, has been drawing students from all over the country and the world - foreign students from Germany, England, America, Norway, Denmark, Thailand, Austria, Scotland, China, Iceland, Canada etc., have joined the ranks of over 1400 people, men and women - young and old from 13 to 67.

At least 450 homes are under construction or completed by students nationwide, ranging in size from a 30 square meter (around 300 square feet) cottage, to a 575 square meter residence (5,700 square foot).

Most students had no prior experience in building before attending the course - many are professionals: Church Ministers, Biologists, Physicists, a Nuclear Chemist, Lawyers, Architects, an Accountant, Airline pilots, a Whorehouse owner, Veterinarians... even a Maori Princess!  It all makes for an interesting week, over and above the fact that you learn to build a log home.

The instructor spent 18 years in North America, five years of which was spent in Canada where he chanced upon a Cree Indian building in this unique style. Log Homes International school of building specializes in two handcrafted building methods, Vertical Log (Stave Construction) and French Canadian Piece - en - Piece Construction. This is the original Vertical Log school in the world. The style boasts the oldest building still standing - a church in Greenstead, Essex in the U.K. built in 1066 AD. 

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